Koss Porta Pro On Ear Headphone Review

I love to hear music during exercise and free time. So far I have used many branded headphones.  A few month ago I needed a headphone for listening music. because my previous headphone was damaged. But my budget was under $50 so there were worried a matter about sound quality. finally decided to buy Koss Porta Pro on-ear headphones After many research and read a review. I could not think that Get a good headphone but truly this is awesome.

Today I will share that how kind of benefit got from it. Need to know some word about the porta pro Headphone. In 1984, first, introduce Koss Porta Pro headphones who set good performance and very comfortable for portable personal listening. The Koss Porta Pro continues to be most popular in the world.  That hasn’t changed anything in 23 years. Just can’t imagine how it popular in the world.  I think some of the features make it popular who I got from used ( according to my personal experience).

Koss Porta Pro

Koss Porta Pro

Koss PortaPro Headphones

Dynamic element design for deep bass performance; Comfort zone setting on temporal pad for comfortable, secure fit; Multi-pivoting earplates and adjustable headband for added comfort; Collapsible for maximum portability when listening on the go; Includes convenient carrying case; Straight, dual entry 4 foot cord; Frequency response: 15-25,000 Hz.


Key Features Of The Koss Porta Pro:

  • Ultra portable on-ear headphones
  • Comfort Zone setting
  • collapsible headband design
  • Dynamic element
  • Oxygen-free copper voice coils
  • convenient carrying case
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Comfortable, secure fit

More Detail About This Headphone:

Firstly, The Koss Porta Pro delivers all the excitement of a live performance and high-quality sound. There is  Dynamic element design for deep bass performance. And 15 to 25,000 frequency response ensure the music comes through clear and bright. Wide range sound I’ve heard from any portable headset without any disturbance. I played several songs indifference wide And got focus sound with details regulation in the high-mid and concentrated. No doubt that this is best sounding headphones the price range.

Secondly, these headphones keep same design both externally and internally. There is adjustable two slider that tightens and free the tension also have thin steel headband who secured head. The comfort level goes another step such as comfort zone. This feature has three mechanical setting that easily adjustable against the head. But the downside is that there is no lock system when you want to on of off. This also become a problem to rest the headphone around my neck.

On the another slide is fold up and clip together for relatively convenient. The overall design of this headphones is good. Everyone will not like the design but Really I loved the headphone look. I think the real reason why this headphone is most popular that his awesome and comfortable design. you will able to listen a long time without ear warm or hot because there are very soft ear pads included.

Thirdly, The PortaPros are collapsible and easy to carrying case. So this is good news for you if you won’t carrying just keep in your bag. Because these is foldable headphone who provide easy carrying and also have good portability. Another great feature who provide Koss Stereophones Limited that called as “ Lifetime Warranty”. For any reason, if this is damaged, don’t worry you will get replace damaged parts without pay. No brand can’t give this kind of service only one Koss limited provide this service to their customers for more satisfaction.You may also like to read Best Sony Headphones.

  • Great and high-quality sound
  • not overbearing bass
  • Most comfortable and nice fitting ( during move around or jogging)
  • Easily adjustable headband with your neck and head
  • Ear pads is very soft so ears don’t warm or hot
  • Foldable headphone
  • open back design
  • comfort zone for more comfort
  • lifetime warranty

  • Not much bass in 50 HZ
  • bass doesn’t extend super low
  • some music like as rap/hip-hop is low bass But most sound fine
  • listening small nearby sound
  • Occasionally a small hair gets stuck inside the driver.
  • Ear pads is so soft may damage quickly
  • The cable connection with pads is weak
  • This headphone have not microphone
  • The cord is too short to plug into a TV

Product Specification:

Frequency Response15-25,000 Hz
Impedance 60 ohms
Sensitivity101 dB SPL
CordStraight, Dual Entry, 4 feet
1x Headphonesmini-phone stereo 3.5 mm

Product Information:

Product Dimensions6.8 x 2 x 8.9 inches
Weight6.4 ounces
OriginImported (Mexico)
model number155491


Overall, some pros and some cons have every headphone. We can’t get any headphone who is without cons. After using this headphone honestly, I can say, porta pro is awesome headphone in under $50. You will not get any better than it. If invest your money for buy it sure will be benefited in many ways. I think of course people spend at last 2-3 times as much to get better sound. They are also comfortable and make sure that listen to music without feeling boring.

It is usable anytime and anywhere wants to go. But I realized that I thing is missing that was a microphone. Just I want to say Koss if they will include the microphone it will be better. Also, customers will get help from this kind of feature.

Anyway, I think porta pro is ideal in all of on Ear headphones. So don’t west your time to finding another headphone. Keep it and enjoy with this awesome headphone.

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